Liberty’s Lady of Stalingrad

I’m a nobody in the general sense of the word. Got a regular job, work as an editor and vlogger for tips, fire dance in my spare time, and write for free on this little blog. I have no illusions that any of it will have any profound, lasting change–I do these things for fun because I find them personally fulfilling. In fact, I’m certain that my bitching doesn’t change very many minds at all.

That being said, there have been a couple more prominent folks in the libertarian milieu that have punched down at me in futile attempts at snark. I don’t abide fools well and when this happens I call them out, naturally. It results in more attention from their detractors and this is the opposite effect they likely want. Punching down is an act of futility.

Most recently, my biggest fan Chris Cantwell tried to bully the hosts of popular libertarian radio show Free Talk Live into not saying my name when I called in to challenge his most recent article of filth. Chris makes his living writing half researched articles with barely baked premises and harassing meter maids for liberty. He’s so successful he recently added pr0n ads to his site and sits by his computer refreshing his Google Analytics page obsessively, but don’t take my word for it, listen to him admit it in this dandy little recording. Skip to 1:25:00 for the juicy parts and the confession follows shortly after I jump off air.


h/t Stan Ancapi and anonymous anarchist troll for their combined efforts

I openly admit it is a petty thing to do to feud with another unknown anarchist, but I don’t like being lied about and I like it even less when bullies exploit tragic situations for clicks under the guise of a “philosophical” discussion. And I’m doing specifically because Cantwell is someone who loves to write clickbait, pick fights, and push buttons. If I write a clickbait headline it is meant to be taken ironically and is used to mock his own love of clickbait headlines.

No one can argue I’m a leftist feminist if they are familiar with my work, which is something this manchild has lied about in other articles. But it takes a special kind of douchenozzle to kick someone when they’re down which is what Cantwell did in his article titled “The Worst Thing Brad Spangler Put in His Daughter Was Bad Philosophy” “I’m a Bad Person and Should Feel Bad”. It was a reference to a recent controversy surrounding a prominent libertarian who insensitively outed his daughter as a victim of sexual assault by his own hand. Cantevenwell goes on to say that leftist philosophy will scar everyone it touches immeasurably and the only cure is to fight it when and wherever it rears its ugly head, even if it is a 20 year old kid who wants to be left alone. Or something like that.

The whole situation and response is awful and disgusting and I called in to simply ask what the point of attacking the survivor was. The discussion (or lack thereof) followed one about tactics for spreading ideas of liberty so what I had to say was very relevant considering Cantwell was giving tactical tips out.

Ostracizing is one way to peacefully resolve problems in a hypothetical anarchist community and it appears I have been ostracized by King Menses. He’s been known to hate on the womenfolk quite a bit so I thought he would revel in taking down one of them. Guess he’s still afraid of a girl. If ostracizing someone for wanting to have an on air philosophical conversation is okay but not at least questioning their attack on a young survivor of sexual assault from a tactical perspective isn’t, Libertopia has a fucked list of priorities.

The outcome of his attempt at ostracizing is an interesting case study for libertarians. Most would agree black markets thrive when the state tries to prohibit something and the same applies when bloggers try to silence dissent. By screaming, “DON’T SAY HER NAME!!1!11!!1” it prompted others to ask, “Who is this woman that big, bad brutalist is so afraid of facing?” It also resulted in mockery and gems like this silly video a friend of mine made:

Cantdoanythingwell pulled tried to pull the ole Stalin, but we all know what happened to him. You can’t suppress information, drugs, content, or names without generating more interest. By punching down, you elevate who you are trying to silence. I’d say this is true especially of people with differing ideologies. It’s typically a bad idea to try to censor people see: the Streisand Effect. Oh and our old friend Josef Stalin.*


*There was a disclaimer here but if you don’t get it, you don’t get it.

Update: It was brought to my attention that this easily triggered grown man has been angry with me since Porcfest Idol 2013; he recently admitted it 30 minutes into his Some Garbage Podcast. So for people trying to say I started this, it actually started when he refused to shake my hand after losing to this spoken word piece. I found this admission particularly hilarious.



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22 responses to “Liberty’s Lady of Stalingrad

  1. Kudos! Fight the good fight. Decent folks gotta stand up for decency.

  2. You have potential but man you are so intellectually dishonest and disingenuous here. He didn’t bully anyone. Ridiculous. You know damn well why he refused to talk to you and it wasn’t because he didn’t want to have an “on-air philosophical conversation.” It was because of your hit piece on him and others, which you pathetically backtracked on by pretending you were joking (another instance of you being disingenuous). Chris is an admitted asshole. He admitted what he wrote was despicable moments after you were off-air. Your lame attempt at trying to make some kind of philosophical point about it is a waste of everyone’s time. Again, you have potential but seriously ask yourself, if Chris has almost zero reach and isn’t harming anyone and state actors, many of whom have incredible reaches and are doing serious harm to society, who is it that is really punching down? Oh that’s right, you’re just joking around. Give me break. Again, you have potential but this is beneath you just as what Chris does is beneath him.

    • No, it was because he didn’t want to answer my reasonable questions about a piece he wrote specifically to provoke them. If Chris writes to provoke people he needs to be ready for responses to it. He’s gone after far more people than I have on his blog and made far more inflammatory statements. This is me giving him a taste of his own medicine and having a bit of fun. You shouldn’t take this blog or his so seriously. And besides I go after state actors just as much as any other anarchists but I’m not deluded enough to think they are threatened by my TL;DR tirades. See for that material.

    • Your MOm

      So is Chris joking around when he mocks incest victims by name or not? Calling yourself an asshole is not a badge to act like one any more than calling yourself a cop is.

      • I think you’re confused. Being an asshole does not imply the initiation of force. Being a cop most certainly does. I think what Chris wrote isn’t wrong in any logical way but it is way over the line in terms of decent behavior. If people want to sink to his level and “give him a taste of his own medicine” then good for them. But nothing will escape the fact that neither he nor the people who write these punishment pieces are focusing on spreading the message of freedom. THAT is the argument I made above and the argument I make to Chris and anyone else who veers from the message. MK can do far better as she indicated above. Why she feels the need to “slum it” is a testament to her maturity level IMO.

  3. Paul: Saying “You have potential, but….” over and over is a sure mark of a concern troll.

    You’re probably one of Cantwell’s dozen or so sockpuppets.

    • “Sure mark” “Probably”

      On both counts you’re wrong. But hey, marginalizing criticism works well for both politicians and “freedom fighters” alike I suppose. Would you like me to prove it? Send me a message on Facebook and I’ll be happy to have a conversation with you. Otherwise, look in the mirror and maybe consider you’re doing this young woman harm by constantly baiting her on your show.

  4. Apparently MK Lords stepped on a very sore toe. Cantwell dedicated his latest podcast episode to this 🙂

    • More misrepresentations of my critique. Had he been brave enough to continue the discussion he would have known my actual point as opposed to the contrived one he is strawmanning. But even then I doubt he’d honestly represent it.

      • The part where he cries over losing to you in the Soap Box Idol really cracked me up 🙂

      • Oh lordy! That happened so long ago and he’s still sore about it? Or are you messing with me? 😉 What time does it occur in the podcast because ain’t nobody got time to listen to the whole thing.

      • It starts around 30 minutes into the podcast and lasts for half an hour. He even plays your and his rants, and when they declared you the winner 🙂

  5. Amazing how when these people are called out, they only press their bets by turning into bigger hypocrites and demonstrating even deeper levels of insanity as if they are in some type of shock jock war to see who can draw the most narcissistic supply. I have yet to one piece of evidence anywhere that they celebritarians are in this for any other reason than to fuel their egos and sell snakeoil labeled “freedom” and/or “liberty”.

    The best thing Can’twell and his contemptoraries can do to promote freedom would be to change his message to “hope” and “change”, and join up with the Hillary 2016 campaign. He’s not even good as an accdental comedian liek some of the others who can at least provide a laugh here and there.

  6. H. Rearden

    I have a no asshole rule. Thus I don’t read anything Cantwell rights or listen to him even when he is co-hosting FTL. Btw, I have read Robert Sutton’s book No Asshole Rule.

  7. FTL promotes Can’t Well. Is click bait worth more than the divisions and activists driven away by the libertarian equivelant of a brown shirt?

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