Crypto Convos episodes and earlier interviews

Most of my video interviews are on my Youtube channel, but I thought I’d add them here too so you can see the progression. I started out just interviewing people in the space as being from Bitcoin Not Bombs but decided to develop my own show called Crypto Convos. In order of newest to oldest.


Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne agreed to an interview a second time and this time he really got feisty. He may or may not have condoned hanging the bankers.


Jeffrey Tucker interviews me this time on scams in the bitcoin space. Informative and to the point.


My fellow Bitcoin Not Bombs comrade and me discuss his fascinating new project Bitcoin Authenticator.


As a follow up to the Bitnation debacle, two former team members talk to me about what happened and why they left.


I appeared on a panel of women active in the bitcoin space during Porcfest 2014. Stephanie was an excellent moderator and we focused on mostly subjects outside our genders.


The sound quality is pretty bad on this one but I am adding it anyway. Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof and I talk about her project Bitnation. Very soon afterwards, the project came under intense scrutiny and several team members resigned.


This long interview wasn’t nearly long enough for me. One of my best interviews to date, Thomas Hunt of MAD Bitcoins! and The Bitcoin Group and I talk crypto, 9/11, and all sorts of topics. This was a wild and fun conversational ride.


A special weekend edition of Crypto Convos gets to know Mike Kimberl of Sean’s Outpost better.


I’ve followed Andrea Castillo’s writings for some time now and she always has a unique and grounded perspective on a variety of topics.


Michael Goldstein is someone to keep an eye out for in the coming years. His organization The Satoshi Nakamoto Institute is an excellent resource for understanding bitcoin.


Chris Ellis drops some knowledge bombs in his appearance on Crypto Convos. Another insightful discussion.


Julia Tourianski (Brave The World) returns the favor by coming on Crypto Convos. Such a radical, needed voice in bitcoin.


The hyper-intelligent Stephanie Murphy of Let’s Talk Bitcoin and Fr33 Aid came on the show to talk freedom and crypto. Dr. Murphy has a wide range of abilities and her sultry tones have been heard on numerous shows.


I made a brief appearance for my friend Julia Tourianski’s (Brave The World) Declaration of Bitcoin’s Independence video along with Patrick Byrne, Charlie Shrem, Andreas Antonopoulos, Roger Ver, and many other heavy hitters. Julia’s work is brilliant.


My good friend and fellow Bitcoin Group panelist Will Pangman of Tapeke joins me from his car for the second episode of Crypto Convos.


The imitable Jeffrey Tucker was my first guest on Crypto Convos and we had a lively discussion.


I had to add this one of The Bitcoin Group live at Porcfest. What an amazing time with some of the best people out there.


Lafe Taylor and Lamar Wilson are two awesome guys who developed a co-op and the Pheeva bitcoin wallet. It was such a pleasure to interview these two.


Pamela Morgan runs Empowered Law, a Chicago based law firm that accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for their services. They specialize in smart contracts, contract negotiation, and dispute resolution. I wish the off air stuff was recorded because Pamela is an amazing person and we had a great discussion afterwards.


Overstock CEO Dr. Patrick Byrne took time away from his busy schedule to hang with the Bitcoin Not Bombs crew in Phoenix, AZ. A very philosophical interview.


Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed agreed to talk to me during Freedom Summit in Phoenix. Cody is known for the 3D printed gun The Liberator and his work on Dark Wallet.


A destructive storm hit Pensacola and Sean’s Outpost helped several homeless people who were caught in the middle of it. Mike Kimberl describes how in this interview.


Michael Malice goes for the jugular with his book Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il and doesn’t disappoint. It was one of the most fascinating books I read in 2014.


This discussion with Chris Ellis is one of my favorites. Technically we were interviewing each other and I’m trying to keep up (as is the case with most of my older videos).


I interviewed security expert Kristov Atlas, author of Anonymous Bitcoin Book and host of Dark News on the World Crypto Network.


Bitcoin expert Andreas Antonopoulos sat down with me while he was in London. Apologies for the poor audio quality.


Mike Kimberl of Sean’s Outpost discusses recent events in which Escambia County Commissioners voted to petition for an injunction against Sean’s Outpost.


I sit down with Jason King of Sean’s Outpost during The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, FL.


Tatiana Moroz was my first video interview where we discussed bitcoin. She’s a talented musician and this interview was very fun.


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