This Bitch Wrote a Blog Post Criticizing Libertarians and You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next

Sometimes you write articles that you’re really proud of and you took great care in polishing–careful that every point was crystal clear. My last one was not one of those articles but it got more views than all of my other ones combined. I’m usually pretty laid back and mostly write about boring bitcoin stuff now. This reaction was unanticipated as it was just meant to be a silly rant, but it also had to be said.

I apologize for nothing.

But I do want to clear up some points because they seemed to have been missed. The article was meant to be a bit outrageous to be sure, but the subjects (except Ron Paul) involved have produced much more intentionally offensive content. I’m not a fan of outrage culture, but I thought I’d vent out some amusing frustration. Turns out, a lot of people felt the same way but had experienced censorship or silence when their concerns were brought up because even libertarians have their sacred cows immune from criticism. Others have weighed in on what I got wrong and I went on Free Talk Live to give my side of the story.

First off, I have no problem with donations as I said. The language was hyperbolic to make a point but that point was not that you should donate to nobody (unless you’re broke) but that your donations would be better spent on activists with better track records. Some people asked me for solutions but another point was to do your own research. There are very few groups I donate to: Antiwar, Bitcoin Not Bombs, Ross Ulbricht’s Legal Defense Fund, Sean’s Outpost Homeless Outreach, and individuals who are in need or whose work I value. But unless you have vetted someone, don’t waste your money.

I’ve been accused of trying to divide the movement. Your movement isn’t worth shit if it can’t handle a little low brow criticism. It produces enough content of the same every time one of the people I criticized writes (or has someone ghostwrite that they later don’t pay) or makes attention seeking videos.

Some people wanted to argue semantics (shock!) but if you’re too dense to realize the way I am using the term welfare, especially after I defined the term “libertarian welfare queen”, then I can’t help you. If you are living off of the donations of others to fund your lifestyle, you are using some form of welfare and no welfare does not have to be coercive it can be voluntary. Words have multiple meanings. I learned some libertarians should get better at reading comprehension.

I don’t think you have to have a job to be a productive libertarian. Many people balance day jobs and activism; I do and am privileged to be able to have a job that allows flexibility. But there are full time, successful activists out there that don’t work a “slave job” too. I wasn’t demonizing activism in the least, just unproductive activism.

I was also amazed (well kind of) at how uncritically thinking my critics were. Calling me a communist, bootlicker, butter faced cunt, or SJW is the best you got? I got called worse and more creative names in middle school. The three people I focused on are the biggest name callers in libertarianism and even revel in being known for it. And please learn the correct definition of ad hominem. Saying Chris Cantwell is a big, fat crybaby =/= Chris Cantwell’s points are invalid because he is a big, fat crybaby. Now yeah it was name calling and even a little bit of shit talking, but that’s the nature of rants. These are grown men who can take it and who really shouldn’t be worried that some insignificant blogger is going to interrupt their cash flow.

But maybe some of them are afraid of a little lady? One of them, Chris Cantwell, wrote a lie filled blog post as a response and then blocked me from commenting–which is fine because it’s his property. But if you give money to someone, shouldn’t you be a little curious about why they are trying to silence their critics?

I don’t make jack shit from my writings but do take donations and allow all non-spam comments. Even the mean ones. Even the ones that might prove me wrong.

But I’m not going to stop criticizing any movement when I think the people it puts in leadership positions are swindlers or ineffective. I want to thank the people who have contacted me offering their support. If you want something to succeed, you should be willing to examine when someone casts a harsh light on the people with more followers and influence in your movement, even if the critique was meant to be saucy or humorous.





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20 responses to “This Bitch Wrote a Blog Post Criticizing Libertarians and You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next

  1. Nice post! Stand strong. Reasonable folks have to make a stand for honor, integrity and what is right.

    • You have enemies good. That means you stood up for something sometime in your life.

      Cantwell and Larkin Rose are easy fucking targets. I mean hell they put themselves in that position on purpose. Fuck em

      • “You have enemies good. That means you stood up for something sometime in your life.”

        I never liked this phrase. I can think of many bad people and outright criminals who have enemies and rightfully so. None of them ever stood up for anything other than themselves. In fact I’ve heard one of those 3 people mentioned in the previous article say things like that and also another stupid one “If you are getting flak that means you are over the target”. That latter phrase can also mean, you just happen to be popular for no good reason so people decide to point out your failings to alert other people not to get caught up in your nonsense. Alex Jones, for instance, gets a lot of flak for all his nonsense, yet is still extremely popular. Critics are not always wrong.

  2. There are many, many Libertarian activists, who become adept at receiving their only income, by speaking from their soap box. I think the difference between the queens mentioned, and many who work as activists, is the ability to be an entrepreneur. The most interesting activists that I know, and work with, are the ones who have other passions, other focuses, that they tie into their political activism. If you can support yourself, by running a business, that isn’t just pulling resources from a pool of other libertarians, you better understand free-market economics, and are a more enlightened individual.

    Thanks for the controversial input, on a subject worthy of serious discussion!

    – The Liberty Disciple

  3. It amazes me that people still stick up for that POS Cantwell. He’s an embarrassment even by the Keene Kiddie standards.

    I didn’t know that Kokesh is still active – I haven’t heard about him since he went into the slammer.

    Molyneux definitely has a lot of issues, begging for donations is definitely one of them. The FOO is overdone imo but (as you mentioned) it is valid in certain situations. One of his videos from years ago really got me thinking and I will be forever grateful to him for that. I’m not sure if he’s done more damage or less as I’ve stopped listening/watching him for a while now.

    Dr. Paul should have been left out completely imo but that’s your decision. The number of people that he’s brought into the fold is MUCH greater than any issues with political donations.

    Peace and Liberty to you and yours.

  4. Fast Biker

    Why Dr Paul? One hair on his ballsack has done more for liberty than this attention seeking cunt will ever accomplish.

  5. Again, is this the same person writing that called into the Stub Hub of liberty and freedom last night, so called Free Talk Live? Fascinating, at the same time you are palling around with one Freeman, who literally lives with the big fat crybaby murder advocate, and another so called Minister Freeman, who has a flock of numbskulls parishioner activist tools in His shed, you show your true colors M.K. Satire, or serious, that’s just my opinion. You could give me all the two bit coin in the world and I would never go along just to get along with criminal profiteering circus clowns in the so called Liberty Movement. Peace be with you. Have a Happy New Year. And not with your spirit, Jimmies the Infamous Witt.

  6. My main beef with your initial article was you saying that these people were some of the worst capitalists ever, although that may have been intentionally hyperbolic. The way I see it, they are darned good capitalists even if some of them are also irresponsible weasels.

    I have my own opinions about each of the three, and their asking for donations does not really weigh that heavily into any of them, although I can definitely see how the misuse of funds ā€” where it has actually occurred ā€” could reflect poorly on their character, as well as on libertarian activism as a whole. But in some of these cases (basically, the two besides Kokesh), I’d say whether those funds were wasted or not (the corollary of whether their activism is productive or not) is entirely subjective. The simple fact of the matter is, that even within libertarian circles, people do not agree on what the most effective strategies are.

    Someone like Molyneux might think it is to convince people to think exactly like him. By that measure, I would say he is immensely successful, both personally and in terms of furthering the movement (up to a point). A Cantwell may not give a rip about furthering the movement if it means kowtowing to polite busybodies, and so, alienating such people (and others he may mistake for such people) while circle-jerking with those who are on the same wavelength as him would be the best strategy for him to employ. Neither have really aided my development as a libertarian (although I do consider Cantwell to be a friend), but I can not speak for others. Nor can you (although having your own opinion is fine by me). Nor can they. And then there’s Kokesh. Well, who knows in his case? He’s really all over the map.

    Whether having this much “diversity” in the libertarian movement is a good thing or a bad thing, I can not say, but it is nonetheless the way it is. And I suspect that there is little that can be done about it without in fact deepening the divides (most of which aren’t even all that hostile until abrasive personalities become involved).

    Anyways, kudos for sticking to your guns. Not even the people calling you names can fault you for that.

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  8. I thought your original post was valid and clear enough to be understood without getting hung up on some of the points that bothered others. It was obvious to me that you were talking about people who use controversy, inflammatory language, and outrage to rile people up. People like Chris Cantwell and Stefan Molyneux build their followings off those kinds of tactics, not off trying to promote an open dialogue about the topics. They don’t offer much to the discussion beyond insulting and scandalizing (in my opinion).
    Maybe your post spoke to me more because I happen to agree with you about those particular personalities. I also find that Cantwell and Molyneux have an tone of misogyny that really turns me off. And I found it really hypocritical that Cantwell got so upset over the post when he basically insults anyone who doesn’t agree with him. Anyway, your argument was valid and the semantics were clever. You happened to upset some whiny people but I think there is a lot of silent support for you. Don’t listen to the loudmouths.

  9. Isn’t funny how on the radio show you claimed it was a joke, and now suddenly that your own shitstorm is sticking to you you’re “sticking to your guns”. Sorry bitch, but this is a case of your guns sticking to _you_, not the other way around.

  10. “I learned some libertarians should get better at reading comprehension.”

    I’m glad you wrote this article defending the other one from those that clearly haven’t mentally matured past the age of 8.

  11. HRearden

    I’ve had similar experiences. I continue to criticize and voice my opinions.

  12. This and the other article are great, continue.

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