Updated Thoughts of Ross Ulbricht, the accused Dread Pirate Roberts

Last year, I wrote some uncomfortable thoughts about Ross Ulbricht, the man accused of being Dread Pirate Roberts. Since I have been MIA on my own blog for several months, I wanted first to clarify that I no longer hold the same beliefs as then and haven’t for a very long time. My apologies for the delay in updating. I was wrong and am happy to admit I was wrong. I still believe using violence against others is the very last resort and usually uncalled for, but I have great difficulty believing the fantastical claims about Ross. I had the opportunity to meet his mother Lyn Ulbricht and be on a bitcoin panel with her. She is lovely and awesome and I really believe this trial is an awful way to make an example out of someone. My thoughts are with him and his family in this difficult time and you can donate to his defense fund here.


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