Ethical Intuitionism: A Philosophical Breakthrough?

Michael Huemer’s approach has really been growing on me lately, and this is from my friend Chris’s blog. I highly recommend watching the linked videos.

Escape Velocity

I like to think I’m fairly well informed about what’s going on in libertarian circles. However, prior to PorcFest earlier this year I had never heard of Michael Huemer, philosopher at the University of Colorado and author of the book The Problem of Political Authority. I suppose I’m not that late to the party, the book was only published late last year. Yet, of all the speakers at PorcFest, Huemer captivated my attention the most. Partially because he was speaking about concepts that I have been pondering myself at of late, yet he presented them in a much more complete package.

To get a sample of Huemer’s style check out his Ted talk on irrationality in politics or his PorcFest talk on the psychology of authority.

The Problem of Politcal Authority

Upon returning home, I downloaded The Problem of Political Authority and I have to say, it very well may be the best philosophy…

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