Government Ineptness Earns a Slow Clap

You know how many people make the claim that government is inefficient, ineffective, immoral, and sometimes just plain insane? Then, while espousing these opinions claim we need another revolution? Now, I am all about some revolution in due time, but this week has probably been the best week ever for political dissidents. Gosh, where do I even start? The proverbial shit is is hitting the fan for the Obama administration in just about every way possible, and while Eric Holder and the president (et. al.) are in damage control overload right about now, I am highly amused.

Eric Holder wiretapping his nose.

Eric Holder wiretapping his nose.

They are really epitomizing the argument that government is not only corrupt, but terrible ineffective at covering up their debacles. Now, this may seem depressing to most people, but it is hilarious to me. It is starting to seem like armed revolution is not going to even be necessary because the government might implode from the weight of its own stupidity. Just on Tuesday, before it was discovered Holder was not only spying on AP reporters, but on members of the House in the very private cloak room, the DOJ announced that it was going to have the FBI investigate the IRS for their controversial scrutiny of conservative groups.

I almost died laughing. And then I imagined an idealistic situation where the IRS audited the DOJ as payback, inadvertently exposed that they were spying on AP reporters because of the potential to report a gun running operation in Libya that (ding ding ding!) led to the assassination of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi.

I love it when a plan comes together. The derp is getting to crucial levels, but a girl can dream, right? For real, though, why not just let the whole thing implode on itself? I am all about avoiding the state and its silly laws, and will pretty much continue to do that until they come and throw me in a FEMA camp or whatever. So, this whole idea of an armed revolution is getting increasingly irrelevant. It’s starting to look like a whole lot of extra work with dire consequences for nothing. People can revolt if they really want, but why shed blood for something that seems to be taking care of itself?

Conversely, should we stop being vigilant in the face of such ineptness?


Well, now that would be silly to suggest such a thing. Keep on doing the activism you love and raising awareness about subjects important to you. But being a reformed doom and gloomer, when these scandals happen sometimes you just have to laugh at the utter ridiculousness of the people claiming the moral authority to be our rulers. Silly rulers, tricks are for baby goats!

The comfort we can find in all of this is that the monolithic government is one of fallible, stoogelike men whose hubris prevents them from being effective at covering up their exploits. This is something to rejoice over because it proves that they can’t get away with everything, and are not omnipotent and omniscient.

How I like to imagine Cabinet and Congress meetings.

How I like to imagine Cabinet and Congress meetings.

The realization that the government is run by incompetent yet arrogant clowns is an excellent way for averting the fear that comes along with exposures of corruption or the passage of draconian laws. We should expect the future to contain certain economic downfalls and prepare accordingly for survival purposes, but letting “them” win by scaring you into thinking they are the monolith that has everything under control is unnecessary and frankly gives them more credence than they have demonstrated. The idea that the state can control its own scandals while effectively managing real crises or the economy is as mythical as a zebraguanaram, and the sooner you do away with that burden of thought, the better you will feel.

Hey look, it's effective central planning!

Hey look, it’s effective central planning!


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  1. Any desire to participate in government indicates a mental pathology that will, with the acquisition of a certain level of power, certainly result in (or reveal) insanity.

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