Thoughts on the Armed March on D.C.

I love shooting guns. The thrill of hitting a target and pungent odor of lead tinged with sweat that sometimes results in sore muscles at the end of a long day is an activity I enjoy regularly and feel blessed to have the opportunity to partake in. I think a concerted effort to reduce some of the rights we enjoy is underway and sometimes the biggest people encouraging the rhetoric come from the pro-gun rights side.

The left is more obviously opposed to gun rights, but the gun rights supporters make their fair share of idiotic decisions. The armed march on D.C. during July 4th is one of those cases where (maybe) well intentioned people appear to want to embody literal strawmans whilst encouraged by everyone’s favorite provocateur, Adam Kokesh (because nothing says natural leader like a guy famous for smoking poor quality DMT on camera and then putting it on Youtube).

Advocates of gun control have an easy target to mock now, and this march is fodder for their criticism. Likewise, many conservatives have expressed their disapproval, and I am sure that the people organizing the event really think they are doing something right when they can piss off both predominant ends of the political spectrum.

Pat yourself on the back, fellas, you’re so edgy.

Meanwhile, libertarians, trying their hardest to gain support among the masses, seem divided as usual. “We need a revolution!” “No, this is a really bad idea that will turn more people against the cause!” “Go back to licking those boots SHEEPLE!” “Damn it, you people are retarded.” And so goes some of the discourse.

As an anarchist who believes that the time for rising up is growing nearer, I must side with reason on this issue. You don’t attempt a peaceful march with guns loaded in an area known for its police state mentality on one of the busiest holidays of the year and risk putting innocent people in danger. It is irresponsible, but exactly the kind of thing I would do if I were a government agent who wanted sweeping gun control legislation passed. Then, I would have someone fire a shot in the crowd to rile up the authorities who would then mow down the crowd. Easy peasy.

People, you know better. For all the bitching about COINTELPRO and agent provocateurs I hear from libertarians and anarchists, you’d think they would be better able to discern that an event like this is a perfect example of something that could be staged with the intention to get more gun control passed.

Maybe there are the best of intentions from the organizers and participants, but strategically, this event is just another way for the government to clamp down after the media creates a frenzy based on the yearnings of the most fringe extremists. The premise is that if attacked it won’t be their fault because they are going to be peaceful, but that is akin to going up to the biggest bully in class and spitting on his shoes. Homies, you will get beat down, no bones about it. These dudes have access to fully automatic guns, tanks, grenades, rocket launchers…come on now. What about the children?!

For real, though. Your family is more important than being a martyr that will just be ridiculed out of existence by the media. There’s a bubble. Please get out of it and come back to reality.

Neither you nor Kokesh is a moral equivalent to Martin Luther King, Jr. Quit acting like it.

I will say bravo to Kokesh for being the most excellent shit stirrer and self-promoter. No for real, I am not even trying to be insulting. That, my friends, is how you make a name for yourself in the age of fifteen minutes of fame in the 24 hour news cycle. If you want attention and donations, riling up the masses is great.

I also doubt he will go through with it. He has to be intelligent enough to see the glaringly obvious mistakes from a strategic standpoint, and it is likely he will back down from lack of support. The people stupid enough to go despite the fact will likely be arrested and I hope nothing violent comes from it. I’d like to see a little more critical thinking from the people so quick to decry the effects of being raised by television and the failures of public schooling.

Thinking for yourself also means not just following some charismatic guy who has all the right anti-authoritarian talking points. Call me a coward or a sheeple, but if you claim to not need leaders and end up following an undercover wolf…well, you might be a sheep anyway.



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16 responses to “Thoughts on the Armed March on D.C.

  1. leatherneck1leatherneck1

    One Regiment of US Marine Infantry with supporting units could take the city within a few hours, it would take a few thousand armed combat veterans without support a few days, those without combat experience would most likely run when the first cap breaks, the remainder would die where the stand.

    Semper Fidelis

  2. Nicely put. A potent cautionary.

  3. Patriots who Love America

    Bravery is born from those who are willing to sacrifice for the good of the whole. America was not built on the Mass of Cowardness. Our Government has been hijacked by control freaks. Wake up America

  4. Patriots who Love America

    I think it is time for our Government to stand down and show the world that we truly have a free society who can express themselves peacefully. What a message to other nations fighting for democracy, as from the will of the people. However, if the Government chooses to start mowing down Americans on live TV, you will see outrage like never before. Freedom does not come free, and if you fail to exercise it regularly, it is then lost. Remember the Student who stopped a line of tanks in Tiananmen Square?

    • I am all for standing up for your rights, but consider your example. Did the man who stood up at Tiananmen Square do it with a rifle in his hands? Did Rosa Parks bring a gun on the bus? Who does history reflect more favorably on Malcolm X, the Black Panthers, and the BLA and Assata Shakur or Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi (though they both had marital shortcomings)? Civil disobedience is civil and peaceful. Shame produced by the police beating of peaceful protestors in the civil rights era is what led to a change of heart for the majority. They want you to get violent because that is their game. Don’t fight fire with fire, fight it with water.

  5. Interesting take on the situation but what alternative can you offer? Playing nice hasn’t protected any rights maybe some civil disobedience is called for.

    • I advocate peaceful resistance and humor and am all for CIVIL disobedience. MLK is remembered for the way he and his followers turned the other cheek and took the beatings. It brought shame on the police and government. I am not saying lie down and take it all the time, but you have to realize how the media will portray this, and how liberals are already reacting. They want to drone you guys! I think this event is a better alternative:


      • MLK’s effectiveness compared to that of the Deacons for Defense has been the subject of debate for a long time. I’m with the Deacons. After all, MLK wasn’t truly a pacifist since his goal was to trigger federal intervention IE federal force. Also little known is that MLK did believe in personal, armed self-defense.

        It is passed time that the liberty minded stop trying to play nice with the tyrannts. Let the liberals react, they’ll only trip over their own contradictions.

      • He was denied the right to concealed carry after his house was burned down in Birmingham, so he carried anyway afterwards and had hired armed security. I agree we should disobey unjust laws and personally break several each day. All I was saying is while I am not necessarily against the tactics of Malcolm X or the Black Panthers, history reflects more favorable on those who left the guns out of their civil disobedience activities. Now, I am not one to care about popularity, but having strength in numbers is important to affect change. We are seeing the number of libertarians grow through using rational, well thought out arguments and peaceful persuasion to bring people around.

        The liberals are not the only ones who disagree and will react negatively; there’s a lot of average people in the middle who could be turned away by the seemingly (implied by msm) aggressive nature of the armed march. I am not even necessarily against an armed march in the future, but see this as too soon and on a particularly divisive day. Never would I suggest playing nice with tyrants, but I am definitely down for mocking them and killing them with humor as a first approach. Or, just ignoring them has been working quite well. 🙂

      • “… history reflects more favorable on those who left the guns out of their civil disobedience activities.” Yes, the history written by the court historians. That should tell you something. At the time the Deacons for Defense argued that MLK style pacifism was training blacks to submit to authority. History has proved them right.

        The msm can claim this is aggressive all they want to. The march itself will prove them wrong just like the ones we’ve done here in PA:

        While I’m at it here’s my speech from that rally:

      • I totally understand that argument, and used to be firmly on the side of the BLA and Deacons and opposed to MLK’s approach. History shows mixed response, and from discussing these topics face to face with people, it is clear that MLK is more highly regarded by the public. Philosphically, the BLA and Panthers were solid, but practically their methods caused an extremely violent backlash that resulted in many of their deaths. It is imperative to consider the broader implications of the actions of both sides and realize the stigma attached to violent approaches. Assata Shakur being promoted to the top of the FBI’s most wanted terrorist list is indicative of the states’ bloodlust and yearnings to apply excessive force against those who openly promote violent opposition.

        Your video makes valid points, and I agree we need resistance. This starts at the local level where it is most effective. I am an odds kind of person, though, and for things to go as smoothly as you think they will in D.C. everything has to perfectly play out and everyone must be completely trustworthy and calm. Crowds and cops combined with national holidays do not foment this kind of environment. The odds are stacked against you, friend, and for my scenario to take place would require the smallest of accidents. There are others who could easily be put in danger, and all it would take is for a nervous cop or protestor to react to a firecracker or fire a single shot or any number of overreactions. I am all for taking action similar to the march at the local level.

        Please consider how easily this situation could be co-opted and used against well intentioned people; even against those not participating. Do the severe consequences of death and injury outweigh the slim possibility that the whole thing will go smoothly and the even more unlikely odds that it will enhance gun rights?

        Lew Rockwell put it best when he said it was a dream come true to the FBI. Do what you are going to do, but consider the consequences. I do appreciate the civil discussion we have had because I have been being called a sheep and a coward for a week now by many others who disagree lol.

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  7. I think this is the most coherent ,logical, well thought out and humorous piece against this march I’ve read.thank u much.I’m not alone.yay!

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